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Please read below before continuing to TradeSchool

What is my "TradeSchool" account?

TradeSchool is the name of our database that stores information for both journeymen and apprentices. After logging into TradeSchool, you can sign up for journeyman training or continuing education courses. You can also view past courses that you have taken and update your contact information.

How do I set up an account or login for the first time?

  • If you are new to the area and Des Moines Electrical Apprenticeship, click on "Login to TradeSchool" (under the Apprenticeship menu), then "Create Account."
  • If you were formerly a Des Moines Electrical Apprentice or have taken journeyman training courses at Des Moines Electrical Apprenticeship before, then we have your current email address on file. You will need to click on "Reset Password" and follow the steps to get your password reset.
  • You must have an account with a valid email address and IBEW membership # in order to register for classes.

After I have signed into TradeSchool, how do I sign up for courses?

Once in your TradeSchool account, find the "Class Schedule" tab at the top of the page.  By default, only classes taking place in the current month appear. To look at courses in upcoming months, click the links on the left side of the page, or search by location or class name. When you find the class you want, click "View" for details. If you would like to register for the class, click the green "cart" icon to add it to your class cart. On the right side of the page, click "Proceed to checkout" and follow the instructions from there.

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