Steps to Apply
Updated On: Jun 10, 2024

Steps to Apply

Step 1 - Decide what apprenticeship program you want to apply for:

The first step is to decide which one of our electrical programs you are interested in applying for.  We have an inside program that represents 93-96% of our apprentices, a telecommunication program that represents 3-5% of our apprentices, and a residential program that represents 1-2% of our apprentices.  

Step 2 - Complete the application request form:

The application request form provides you with all the information you need to understand the application process. It also informs you of the basic qualification requirements for our program and the specific areas of jurisdiction. Complete the application request form to get started. 

Step 3 - Create a TradeSchool account:

After submitting the application request form, you will create a TradeSchool account.

Step 4 - Pay the application fee:   

After completing the application request form, creating a TradeSchool account, and receiving access to TradeSchool, you will need to submit a $25.00 fee to cover the application processing. We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card.

Step 5 - Complete the online application: 

After we have received your $25.00 application processing fee, you will be able to complete your online application on TradeSchool. After you submit your application, you will need to email/submit your qualification documentation. 

Step 6 - Submit your qualifying documentation: 

You must email the following information to

Photo Copy of your Driver’s License (this must be current and valid throughout the application and selection process)

Official Transcripts sent from your school that show one year of passing grades (C or higher) for high school Algebra, Algebra II, or college Algebra (Pre-Algebra does not qualify)

A copy of your high school diploma, HiSET, GED Certificate, or a letter from your counselor stating that you are on track to graduate by the end of the school year. 

If you do not meet one or more of these qualifications, do not worry.  We are here to help! We have other methods to qualify.  Contact us to find out more about the options you have to qualify. 

Step 7 - Complete the aptitude test: 

After submitting your application and qualification documentation, you will be scheduled to take the aptitude test. The dates of this test vary depending on the number of applicants at any given time.  There is typically one testing date each month.  If you are scheduled for a test date and cannot make it on that date, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can reschedule your time. You can find aptitude test prep resources here.

Step 8 - Complete the apprenticeship interview:

The interview is approximately ten to fifteen minutes in length and will take place in front of a panel of 4–8 committee members. You can, but do not have to, bring anything you would like the interview committee to consider. For example: a cover letter, a resume, letters of recommendation, photos of your projects, etc. They will review your documents and will ask you a series of questions about how you have handled various situations. You can give examples from work, school, or your personal life. The basic format they are looking for is: "What was the situation? What did you do? What was the result?" 

Step 9 - Selection from the Ranked List:

Once applicants are interviewed, they are scored and placed on the ranked list. An applicant shall remain on the ranked list and eligible for selection for one calendar year from the date of the interview, unless they decline an offer, request to be removed from the list, fail to meet post-selection requirements, or are approved for a re-interview.

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